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10 Tips on how to attempt JEE ADVANCED 2021 Exam

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10 Tips on how to attempt JEE ADVANCED 2021 Exam

Publihsed By:Ramesh Chahal
Publish Date:June 3, 2021

People used to believe that studying around the clock was the only way to pass JEE Advanced, but today the trend is progressively shifting toward smarter ways of understanding and learning things. Being a bookworm would no longer help a student succeed in their JEE Advanced examination.

Last-minute JEE Advanced preparations are totally dependent on one's level of confidence. Since cracking JEE Advanced is not an easy exam to crack, you need to perform better than fellow JEE aspirants. JEE Advanced is set to take place later this year, and the following are a few tips to help IIT JEE aspirants to handle JEE Advanced 2021 with courage.

  • Carefully read the directions. You'll have plenty of time to read through all of the instructions. Make sure you don't miss any instructions.
  •  Read the paper calmly and decide which portion or questions you wish to solve first.
  •  Start with the subject in which you are most comfortable.
  • Do not try to solve the paper in one go. Divide it in 2-3 parts, marking the questions you missed or need to go over again in each round.
  • Attempt the questions you are confident about in the first hour. This will provide you with the necessary motivation to continue working on the paper.
  • Save the tougher multiple-choice questions for round two.
  • When reading the question for the first time, make a note of the values and key information provided. This trick will come in handy when it comes time to answer the question.
  • When answering the questions, be sure to write clearly. Make certain that your handwriting is legible. For example, if you're in a rush, don't let 4 become 9. Also, be wary of the game of blind guessing.
  • Keep your rough work in one place so that if you want to see any question’s work, you don’t have to waste the time.
  • And last, Get a good sleep the night before the exam. It is critical to get enough sleep in order to focus for the entire 6-hour exam period.

Further, if you faced any problem related to JEE study material and syllabus, freely contact VPLUSU institute faculty.